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Being the perfect woman.


The perfect woman

After making a series of wrong choices when it comes to selecting potential partners it seems only natural to think that the problem lies with you and your behaviour so you need to change in order to make your potential partner happy. We never stop to think that some people are just completely wrong for us and instead we – ladies – start to want to mould ourselves to be the perfect women that every man would want. However, there is one fatal flaw with that; you never really change and eventually all those little wants and needs and behaviours will resurface. Allow me to use my experience as an example:

Men 101: Men do not like clingy girls, therefore, if you want to make a success of your next  relationship do not be clingy.

I firmly believed that I was not clingy and I was cool, calm and collected. I was like the perfect girl and I analysed every detail (that could have been the problem) of my behaviour and I was certain that I would never be a clingy girl. After years of trying to convince myself that I am someone I am not I can now admit that I am clingy! Clingy has pretty negative connotations and I do not hang on him and follow him everywhere he goes, but I suppose I tend to demand attention, but I also like to think he does not mind me being a feature in his life. Besides, everything in moderation.

I suppose the moral of the story is to keep in mind that the more you try to run away from who you really are and the more you suppress what comes naturally the more those behaviours are going to try to expose themselves through other means. When a guy uses the phrase: “You were never like this when we first started dating” it is a clear indication that you have been trying to mould yourself and the honest truth is that the perfect woman does not exist, because human nature does. Besides, there is no perfect man either.