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Why life in South Africa is sucking…


No one says it like ZapiroDon’t get me wrong; we live in a beautiful country with so much potential to be great yet it seems we find every which way possible to destroy any opportunity the country might have. I am sick and tired of reading about how white people still dominate in certain sectors and how the previously disadvantaged South Africans are battling, because we have heard every excuse over the past 18 years and the time for excuses is now over… or at least it should be. When I read some of the reports about South Africa on foreign publications I want to smack them over the head, because they keep harping on the whole apartheid issue. Sing a new tune people, because if you never drop that bone how can you expect an entire nation to build a bridge and move past it? I always say if you want to see change start with yourself, but the way things are going we are going we need to be a lot more active about that change. And by we, I mean the government.

This nonsense about setting things on fire and pelting stones at vehicles to make a point needs to stop. Those people need to be arrested and thrown behind bars. Let me use a well known example: You remember those insane “youths” who went around looting stores, beating up people and ransacking the streets of London? Well, the police just stood by and watched, because they were not permitted to defend themselves or man-handle people who are causing trouble, because if they did they would be disciplined and lose their job. Yet, we have to read about articles where they want to put us to shame at how our police deal with uprisings and lecture us on human rights…

Petrol has passed the point of unaffordable; food prices are ridiculous… The Rand is slowly becoming a useless currency and the people who have the power to do anything about it are fighting among themselves. Read this article DA slams policing of truck drivers strike and decide for yourself about what our global image is saying. When the police act they are in trouble and when they don’t they are in trouble.

That’s my 2 cents.



Bitten by the “life” bug!



I was fortunate enough to be able to go on an amazing holiday and the one thing the holiday made me realise is that I want more for myself. I was strangely content with the simple life I was living and I had put to rest any big dreams I once had for myself, but now that those dreams, wants and needs are back I don’t think it’s something you can put aside and ignore forever. I also, however, arrived back to chaos in South Africa. In three weeks the economy and country seems to have gone up in smoke and I am trying very hard to console myself and still march forward with making something of myself.

I saw these monuments and amazing dedications to great people who have influenced history and made their mark on the world and it may seem silly for me to dream that big, but my imagination is the one place where the world really is my oyster! I live in my very own delusional, idealistic world and I’d like to share it with everyone who lives in the real world, because perhaps reality has become a big, black hole that is sucking us in one by one.

I think I am done wishing things could be easier. I am not going to be able to click my heels together and arrive in some fantastical land. It takes a bit of time, hard work and dedication to make it to where you want to be; so be it! The only thing that terrifies me is that after a few weeks of being stuck back in to my routine that I forget about all of this. Is that what happens? We return to being complacent with our existence as we were before? I sincerely hope not 🙂

Tell me about your little journey of self-discovery… I love to hear about things like that!!!


We all use social media!


The way I share my blog posts is via social media. I tweet, update my status and stay in touch with friends via Facebook, look for interesting ideas on Pinterest, connect with the business world on Liked In and if I had any more time I would probably find myself using even more social platforms. The thing is many if not most of us make use of social platforms on a daily basis and all the stats and data we have are not necessarily specific to how South Africans make use of social media. This initiative by TMS30x30 is a great way to obtain more data that is specific to how we are using social platforms.

I know we are all bombarded with blog posts and breaking news all day, every day, but this is a great initiative and I think it is important that all of us making use of social media take a few minutes out of our live and complete this survey:

I, for one, would love to know how South Africans are making use of social platforms! You can also stand the chance to win prizes so it is a win-win situation. I have completed it and shared it with everyone I know 🙂 feel free to do the same!


Men and d*** measuring…


Let me first clarify… I have nothing against well-mannered, decent men! There is nothing more attractive than a man who treats a lady like a princess and with the utmost respect. They are polite, courteous and do not treat women like a piece of ass. Does that make them less of a man…? No, it actually makes them more man than the pigs who resort to derogatory and snide remarks in the hope that they prove that they are a man’s man. I would love to know what it is that perpetuates that kind of behaviour, because there is absolutely nothing attractive about it. Unfortunately, women are subjected to those lesser men more often than we would like to be so we have to find some means of putting those narcissistic jerks in their place.

Perhaps I have such a strong opinion on the subject, because I was raised with men who treat women with the respect we deserve. My father is very stern on good manners. We were not even allowed to say “shut-up” when we were little. If we disobeyed we got the evil eye. Then I look at my brother and he has absolute respect for the women in his life. He may tease me none stop, but he would never ever say anything degrading to me. In fact, the one time a lesser man tried to get away with saying something horrible to me my brother made him get down on his knees in front of all of my friends and apologise. I thought that was a just punishment.

I choose to have men in my life who have respect for women. I can take the jokes that poke fun at how women nag, obsess about things and over-think things, but there is a joke and then there is plain nasty and uncalled for. What is the worst that can happen when you are a polite and decent man… The loss of man points when you’re with your guy friends? If you want to have a dick measuring competition do it when there are no women around! It’s very sad to watch that play out. As a woman, if you dare comment on the remarks you and then told that you “cannot take a joke.”




Being a girl I know how camera happy us girls can get. Then again drunken photos taken while out with your friends are not exactly the look you want to go for if people other than your friends are possibly going to view them and at some point we all need to have more professional photo’s taken! In this day and age of social media and this crazy thing called the internet you should represent yourself the best way possible, because I can guarantee you that most companies will Google you before they hire you. Let me tell you about my first photo shoot with Kassphotography:

I was shy, nervous, awkward (You would never say that judging by the above image) and the only thing that helped to calm my nerves was a shot of whiskey and some wise words from the lady behind the camera. What did she say to me, you ask? Well, she told me to be myself, because I was gorgeous. From then on I had the time of my life 🙂 there was music playing, my hair was fabulous, my make-up was fabulous and I felt like beauty queen. I could even see the difference between the photographs where I was all uptight and anxious and then the ones where I had gotten over my insecurities and decided to show the camera what I’ve got!


I love looking back at these photo’s, because they remind me that even though I’m plus size I can still be awesome! That is why I urge all the women between the ages of 18 and 30 living in Cape Town (or nearby surroundings) to go and enter the #beyouwithkassphotography competition! Besides, you owe it to yourself to capture your youth and beauty!



It’s time to “be YOU”


be you with kassphotography

Let’s get people entering this great competition  🙂

There is this terrible habit that a lot of us females have and it is to ridicule and criticise ourselves. We see ourselves the way we assume the world see’s us, but we could not be more wrong.We are brought up with this idea of what beautiful is and instead of working with who you are you try desperately to live up to some ideal that exists only in your mind. What you need to realise is that you are beautiful and you are unique! It is not always easy to change the way you think, but in order to be happy and confident with who you are then you need to believe that you are as gorgeous as the girls who grace the covers of magazines!

Give yourself the opportunity to come out of your shell and show yourself what you’ve got! Kassphotography is so talented at capturing your beauty… see my photo’s on my blog? She took them! If you want to stand a chance to win a photo shoot with this very talented lady you can just by clicking right here. Photo’s are forever and we all deserve to look back one day and smile at how young and gorgeous we were.

Where does the violence come from…


The news this morning is going to be plastered with the strike that turned sour at the mine in Marikana. People will speculate about why violence ensued and why police fought violence with violence. I would like to believe that we are a civilised country where people can sit down and discuss issues instead of brutally beating one another, but I would rather be realistic. Ask yourself; how do strikers usually get what they want? They threaten violence and if that does not work they go out and prey on innocent bystanders. I think it is a stretch to say that we are a country where people can sit down like mature and civilised human beings and discuss matters, because when anyone wants something they threaten.

This is not a sudden occurrence either; I remember a few years back when security guards were on strike and those who were caught at work or in uniform – just trying to earn a living – were beaten just so that they could make examples of them. Security guards were not permitted to wear their uniform because if they were seen and hey would have been attacked. The same goes for when the school teachers were on strike or when the taxi’s went on strike, because of new public transportation being implemented. What about the recent issue where a certain party wanted to “shut-down Cape Town” and their words were “It is those people who burn traffic lights that we want on our side on the day.” You might want to read the entire article here if you haven’t already.

The question you need to ask yourself is are we really shocked every time we hear another one of these stories? The next question is; is it changing??? Perhaps I am just a pessimist.