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You have to be tough, ladies. Tough as nails (the metal kind).


(feminist) --- This bumper sticker always makes me smile... still true today?:

I have daily curve balls being thrown at me and it all got a little overwhelming and I lost myself in all the chaos. I also lost my voice in the process, while certain voices around me always seem to have a lot to say. Am I concerned about this very new and unnerving experience in my life? Yes and no.

Yes, because I let myself get lost in the bullshit. I allowed people to make my opinion and my voice dull out into background noise and the only person I have to blame for that is me.

No, because I picked up this incredibly quirky and pointed book that is helping me gain my voice and my confidence back. On the plus side, I have all the power to take it back.

Basically, ladies, when you feel a certain way there is a reason for it. You have to dig deep and really know who you are to be able to smack your inner goddess and get a wake-up call. You cannot spend eternity in confusion and disarray and continue to blame people around you. You dust the shame off of letting yourself down and you kick butt. Like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill (all the volumes). Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer in just about every episode. Like Britney Spears after 2007. Like Carrie after Big (every single time). Like every female hero you have ever looked up to who has gotten right back up and given anyone who ever doubted her a fist full of dirt.

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Now the question is… Are you with me?



Fine line between wearing make-up…



My mother never taught me how to apply make-up; in fact, I think I learnt how to apply make-up when my friend bought this step-by-step book on beauty! That’s probably why I spent my youth wearing only eye-liner and mascara, because I didn’t have a clue how to apply eye shadow… Even though I was never  taught how to apply make-up I have NEVER looked like I rolled around in a make-up shop hoping for the best. Sure, every now and again I forgot to blend a line in, but when you’re as pale as I am you start running out of “nude” options light enough to blend.. They really need to make a concealer for transparent people! Before you walk out of the house take a good look in the mirror. If you look as though you stepped out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show go back inside, take a wet-wipe; wipe that stuff off and start over again! You might think that all that make-up hides your physical flaws, but it really just announces that you’re insecure and have internal flaws you’re trying to conceal.. really poorly conceal!

I will also suggest that you mosey along to this fab blog Lipgloss Is My Life! You can also follow her on Twitter @lipglossgirl You will find tips on what to do and how to do it… She also gives some of the best beauty advice, because she knows her shiz!





I have been saying this since I saw the first crazy person who dared to wear tights as pants… IT DOESN’T WORK! And leggings are just thicker tights so please DO NOT wear them as pants either. All you do is make your thighs look ginormous and, well, you inevitably end up showing off a camel-toe. Trust me when I say no one wants to see that. This is how NOT to wear tights/leggings:

**EXCLUSIVE**Jennifer Love Hewitt attends an hour long pole dancing class


If you want to wear leggings or tights make sure that whatever you wear over them is long enough to cover all the other stuff properly. Like so:



Otherwise, why not opt for a lovely pair of jeggings or if it is not too far fetched a pair of actual pants that can be worn as… DING DING.. PANTS! I know I have many pet peeves so I will just add this to the ever-growing list… I’m sure that there will always be people who will wear tights as pants or even leggings as pants and all I can is: You are being judged for it. I have done my part by trying to warn people.


I’m just describing you



I’m going to be honest; I watched Mean Girls again the other day and I absolutely love it. I think the best part about it is how we – ladies – all love to play the victim like we’ve never ever done or said anything bitchy about someone else behind their back. We have all be the villain of the piece.  Am I saying it’s a good thing? NO! It’s just one of those unavoidable, unnecessary things in life that we do. We love to say: Men don’t listen! And well, generally it’s not a strong quality that the men of this world possess, but man, oh man do we love to talk s*** about one another. The hilarious thing is that some girls make it incredibly easy to be bitchy about them just by being themselves. You don’t have to try to think of an insult, because they are a walking, talking insult to themselves. Is that harsh? Well, they should work on being more introspective and less defensive, because no one is perfect and we all make mistakes in life. Also, even though it hurts to hear what people say about you it doesn’t hurt to acknowledge it and if the same thing is said over and over and you were self-aware you might actually try to better yourself. My best are those girls who say: I don’t get along well with girls, because they’re so bitchy. Erm, perhaps you’re the bitch or you just love the attention you get from guys? It’s fine if you fall into either of those categories, but don’t blame other girls for being bitchy then.

I can be a bitch, but I have really amazing girlfriends who I would do anything for and there is no male substitute for your gal pals. Sure, life would be easier if people just said what they thought to your face, but us girls are super sensitive and we tend to take things the wrong way. I’m sorry to say it does not end in high-school, but the best part about growing up is that you can choose who you want to have in your life. So choose to be surrounded by great people and rather don’t bother too much with those people who take everything personally and make everything about them 😀


Girls and their RIDICULOUS admin tendencies…


I was wondering how on earth shows like “Real Housewives of Orange County”, “Real Housewives of New Jersey” and all those silly reality shows based around women could be so entertaining and I believe I have figured it out: Females have a tendency to turn a nothing in to a something and we also behave as if that something is the end of time. We continue to build it up in our head and create a ball of fury which makes us become bitter towards whoever our target is. I was chatting to some friends last night about how sick and tired I am of having to deal with people who cannot vocalise their issues and who would rather sulk for an eternity in silence, because dealing with whatever it is that is bothering them would be asking too much. I’m realistic and I can understand that you will not like everyone and that people will do things that annoy you from time to time, but I also believe that if something has upset you then you should talk about it and not stick your nose in the air sulk like a child.

I wonder how many of these petty fights are based on miscommunication? I am not saying I am innocent, but I’ve always opened my mouth when something has bothered me. I’m working on being more tactful. So ladies, now we know why we are so entertaining and why men poke fun at us for being over-sensitive. I’m also very guilty of taking everything personally, but I also know that when I do that I am just being hyper-sensitive and I’m just being silly. The best thing you can do is learn to laugh at yourself. It’s not always easy, but it takes some of the unnecessary drama out of your life.

Feel free to take this personally if you like. Apparently, everything I say is personal attack on someone I know 😛