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Just look!



There are people who will take it as an invitation to view all of the images on your phone when you want to show them a single image… That’s right, I said A SINGLE IMAGE! That means one i.e the one that I selected to show you. When people begin swiping left and right it has ended in some awkward desperate attempts to retrieve my phone. You try to take it back without using force, but when they don’t want to give you your phone you might use more force than you anticipated and come across a little crazy. Now I am not saying that there are reams of inappropriate images on my phone, BUT I think it is rude to just start swiping through someone’s images on their phone and then you come across a selfie and give them the “why do you have pictures of yourself on your phone? How vain are you?” look. Henceforth, I have started showing people images without handing my phone over and if you want to hold my hand while i grip my phone that’s also ok.



Do whatever you want.. It’s a trap!


I am sure that every couple has encountered these famous words: Do whatever you want. In fact, I think even mothers make use of this phrase when they are fed up with arguing with their children. What no one will tell you though is that “do whatever you want” is a euphemism for “if you do whatever you want there will be hell to pay.” The other tricky thing is that sometimes it really does mean that you should do whatever you feel like doing or whatever you feel is right. If you think about it the confusing part is figuring out when there will be consequences and when it is really ok to go ahead and do whatever it is you feel like doing.

Obviously, if it is said mid-argument it means that there will be consequences, but if your partner is not in the mood to argue with you about the same argument you seem to be having over and over then they are probably over it and really don’t care what you decide to do. There is no way of telling when this line will be used and what the consequences will be if there are any. I think we use it when we feel as though we are losing control of the situation and it is our final warning to the opposition. We like to keep our partners on their toes and this really does keep you guessing…


Enough of this “”I’m Sorry” nonsense!


I forget when and where it all began, but this incessant habit of apologising for no reason at all needs to come to an end. I apologise for driving and only answering someone when I reach my destination. I do not return someone’s call or skype message immediately and apologise for it. I apologise for walking around someone who is clearly in the way… I know I am not the only one who constantly says “I’m sorry” and it is such a bad habit. I don’t even know if it’s polite or annoying to constantly apologise for things?

The thing is you start to become apologetic all of the time and people mistake it for a weakness. I don’t blame people for seeing it as a weakness either. Yes, you should still apologise when you run late or do something that merits an apology, but to hell with “I’m sorry I cannot make dinner this week, because I made other plans already” or “I’m sorry you took offence to something I said and you assumed it was directed at you because you are hyper sensitive.” To all of us who constantly apologise for silly things we all need to toughen up and not be so concerned about what others will think of us.

Now go forth and have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend 🙂



Where does the violence come from…


The news this morning is going to be plastered with the strike that turned sour at the mine in Marikana. People will speculate about why violence ensued and why police fought violence with violence. I would like to believe that we are a civilised country where people can sit down and discuss issues instead of brutally beating one another, but I would rather be realistic. Ask yourself; how do strikers usually get what they want? They threaten violence and if that does not work they go out and prey on innocent bystanders. I think it is a stretch to say that we are a country where people can sit down like mature and civilised human beings and discuss matters, because when anyone wants something they threaten.

This is not a sudden occurrence either; I remember a few years back when security guards were on strike and those who were caught at work or in uniform – just trying to earn a living – were beaten just so that they could make examples of them. Security guards were not permitted to wear their uniform because if they were seen and hey would have been attacked. The same goes for when the school teachers were on strike or when the taxi’s went on strike, because of new public transportation being implemented. What about the recent issue where a certain party wanted to “shut-down Cape Town” and their words were “It is those people who burn traffic lights that we want on our side on the day.” You might want to read the entire article here if you haven’t already.

The question you need to ask yourself is are we really shocked every time we hear another one of these stories? The next question is; is it changing??? Perhaps I am just a pessimist.

Successful women Part 2


Successful women

I remember Russell Peters comedy show earlier this year… he was talking about successful women and how if a woman is a career driven you will be doing yourself a disfavour by asking her what she does. I laughed so hard, because it was so true. Successful women often feel the need to assert themselves in the presence of men (and even other women) so they over compensate for something that shouldn’t really be an issue. Think about it; have you ever rattled on about your responsibilities when someone has dared to ask you what it is you do?

I have this really amazing aunt and she is successful, kind and just plain lovely and I look up to her a lot; the point here is that unless she’s networking or she cares enough to tell you, if people ask what she does her answer is “I’m a house wife.” I think that is a great answer if you want people to stay out of your business . Before all the house wives think that this is some personal attack on “home making” I am here to tell you that the only reason you feel like that is because you believe it is not a good enough title. You can “make home” until the cows come home, but as soon as you start having to explain your “situation” there is something wrong with your view on yourself.

The rift between the career women and the house-wife… You decide; Would you rather listen to someone talk to you about an interesting day of interaction and the outcome of a potential good or bad meeting or share stories about the crappy nappies and spit up you spent all day cleaning up? Would you rather chat about office politics and ridiculous emails you read or about how you ran around all day fetching and carrying the children? Perspective! If you want to talk about your job you need to talk to like-minded people who care and if you want to talk about your babies all day long then the same rule applies. We are all really fighting for the same thing and all that would be is that we want what we spend our days doing to matter. Being a great mom is a success, but you shouldn’t have to hear it from someone who is more interested in a career to make you believe it yourself. I may not respect the life choice, but I can appreciate a good mother.

Ps. I am not successful yet, but I will be one day!!!


A discussion is a two way street.


I love it when people say that they just want to say one thing and then the discussion is closed. Unfortunately, a discussion is a two way street, which means that whoever is involved is also allowed to make their point and if you don’t allow them that opportunity then your argument is invalid and you telling someone how it is and you are not discussing anything. I have had my fair share of ridiculous fights and I am starting to see a pattern with them and that is that if you want to have a discussion then be prepared for the other party participating in this so called “discussion” to also have something to say. otherwise, just admit that you don’t actually care what anyone else has to say about the subject, because you are unwilling to see anyone else’s point.


  1. The action or process of talking about something, typically in order to reach a decision or to exchange ideas.
  2. A conversation or debate about a certain topic.

The religious “debate” is the easiest example I can use, because most of us have probably been sucked in to one of these never end sessions that basically consists of one person repeating themselves and not actually listening to anything anyone else has to say. Another topic that people have difficulty discussing is politics and for some reason people tend to walk away red in the face after discussing these topics with others. People who are unwilling to reason and openly discuss certain things will always resort to snide remarks and unnecessary jabs when you are trying to have a discussion about something they may feel very strongly about. In fact their best method of “winning” the discussion is to put you and your opinions down. As soon as you see someone heading in to the defensive zone and starting to mock you for the way that you feel about something then you should just bow out gracefully.

Debating is something that everyone should take part in, because you need to learn how to win and lose discussions and you need to be able to admit when someone has a better argument than you have. It is not always about winning an argument, but about seeing both sides.. unless the other side is that of a crazed lunatic!


Volkswagen service… really?


Poor service

I think we have all had similar situations where during the sales process you are treated like royalty and then once the money has gone through you revert back to being just a regular Joe. The polite conversation stops; the sincerity disappears almost immediately and they make you feel as though you are wasting their time when you dare to ask any questions. I would love to ask every service provider where they think the loyalty factor comes in to play? I always wanted a Volkswagen, because the resale value is fantastic and they are just pretty cars (in my opinion). As much as I love VW I have to say that the dealership I have had to deal with since I purchased my vehicle has put me off ever wanting another VW again.

This is not some back alley dealership either it is a proper VW service center. Every time I have taken my vehicle in for a service I have had issues, issues, issues. They are useless at communicating and they do not follow through on requests. I requested the invoice be emailed to me about seven times in one day and still never received anything. When I eventually arrived at their service department I requested the invoice print out and the buggers wanted to charge me for wiper blades that I told them I did not want because I had replaced my wiper blades not even a year ago at their dealership. I wonder what other “wear and tear” parts I just paid to have replaced that were actually worn or if they just bullshitted me about the rest as well?? It’s safe to say I do not trust them anymore. They offered me a courtesy car with the fuel light on and then gave me a fuel requisition slip and made the problem mine. If I sound bitter and pissed off; I am. Surely, they realize that these are all still touch-points of their business????

This is the best part; after every service they call me wanting to know how the service was, because they run these constant surveys to monitor service levels and customer satisfaction, but because the service has not improved an ounce in 2 years they can take their surveys and F*** right off. Maybe the majority of their customers are happy with the service, but I don’t see why I should help their research if in the bigger picture they actually don’t give a rats ass. Has anyone else had similar service related issues?