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Something to melt your heart!


Here is a little something, something to make you all gooey inside… Think of all the poor, little puppies who are abandoned every day and look at how adorable they are! I do not know how people abandon animals, because I mean aren’t they like the sweetest things ever? They are destructive, but because they are so cute you don’t even care!


AND LOOK HERE! Their Mommy is keeping them in shape 🙂 Or is she trying to escape all that cuteness?!



Go Get Your Bone Pablo!


These are just super cute videos that I thought I would share… I thought they were appropriate for a Monday, because on Monday’s we kind of feel like the Doberman and other people are the Chihuahua. The good thing is ( as you will see in video number two) that at the end of the day we have the power over those little, annoying people in life 🙂  Happy watching and I hope you giggle a little bit and that it brightens your Monday morning.

How to Fix your Blackberry!


Some times you need to take an annoying situation that is stressing you out and turn it in to something that makes you laugh. To all those who are having issues with their blackberry’s this is possibly the easiest way to fix your problems: (Please do not try them at home)

If you don’t laugh you are just a sour-puss and you need to lighten up a little!


Don’t count your chickens…


… before they hatch.

When you break that down it means do not assume things will turn out well because you believe they will when there is a chance they could go either way. I was told once that you never assume you have the job until the contract is signed, sealed and delivered. Counting your chickens has nothing to do with positive thinking, but everything to do with wishful thinking. Positive thinking is always a must! Some people are so adamant that things have to turn out a certain way that they will not accept anything else. You do not celebrate your exam results before you receive them; you haven’t won the prize just because your name is in the draw. Just take a look at the clip below and you will see exactly what happens to those who count their chickens before they hatch.

Sucks to be that guy!

Rhino Day!!!!



The fact is that Rhinos are being targeted for their horns which are ground in to powder and used for medicinal purposes and as an aphrodisiac in the East. Over 280 Rhinos have been illegally slaughtered in South Africa since the beginning of this year. We are the ones who put them in their enclosures so if we really care about their species it’s time we stood up and did something drastic. Some people take the view that if an animal attacks a human it is shot because it is wild and dangers, but then surely the same measures should be taken with the poachers who are violently and barbarically killing these innocent animals?

Luckily, this time around the government is making an effort by developing and spending money on anti-poaching schemes. There are so many causes to be a part of, but when it comes to preserving these magnificent animals it is not possible to turn a blind eye. Another company who’s efforts have raised significant funds to help save the Rhinos is Woolworths. Take a look at the clip and maybe today could be the day you buy your rhino bag and support their efforts to help stop Rhino poaching in South Africa.

If you have any other organizations efforts you would like to mention please feel free so we all know

Touch Yourself Tuesday!


Before everyone thinks my headline means literally touch yourself it is not really all about that. We are always trying to do good deeds to help others, but I think we should also make time to do good deeds for ourselves. That way you can feel good about yourself and enjoy being you. So make today all about doing something that makes you feel good. If that means taking yourself off to the cinema then go for it! If it means reading a book tonight then so be it. Book yourself a massage or treat yourself to dinner with some friends! Just make sure you touch yourself 🙂 I think the clip below is a great way to boost your self-esteem. This year is on the downhill now and things start getting hectic so do a little dance in your head, because you know you want to!