I seem to find myself in a strange place and life has lead me here so I’m going to allow it to happen.

Once upon a time I had creativity and a mind that was eager to soak up everything and learn, but people’s feelings kept getting in the way and they still do. People will always be a driving force of inspiration for me, regardless of whether they inspire me to want to be like them or funnier; to not be like them at all.

My voice and opinions used to be something I loved about myself (yes, you are permitted to love attributes pertaining to yourself without being a narcissist), but for a few years my voice has been struggling to make sense. Maybe, it’s because I put it on the back shelf while I figured my shit out.

Do I have my shit figured out? LOL… maybe every now and again it feels that way, but for the most part the only thing I know for sure is that the days will happen whether you are ready for them or not; so make them count.


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  1. “over-annalise” should be spelled “over analyze” (para 4). The rest is so beautifully written, that it just needs to be perfect!!

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