You have to be tough, ladies. Tough as nails (the metal kind).


(feminist) --- This bumper sticker always makes me smile... still true today?:

I have daily curve balls being thrown at me and it all got a little overwhelming and I lost myself in all the chaos. I also lost my voice in the process, while certain voices around me always seem to have a lot to say. Am I concerned about this very new and unnerving experience in my life? Yes and no.

Yes, because I let myself get lost in the bullshit. I allowed people to make my opinion and my voice dull out into background noise and the only person I have to blame for that is me.

No, because I picked up this incredibly quirky and pointed book that is helping me gain my voice and my confidence back. On the plus side, I have all the power to take it back.

Basically, ladies, when you feel a certain way there is a reason for it. You have to dig deep and really know who you are to be able to smack your inner goddess and get a wake-up call. You cannot spend eternity in confusion and disarray and continue to blame people around you. You dust the shame off of letting yourself down and you kick butt. Like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill (all the volumes). Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer in just about every episode. Like Britney Spears after 2007. Like Carrie after Big (every single time). Like every female hero you have ever looked up to who has gotten right back up and given anyone who ever doubted her a fist full of dirt.

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Now the question is… Are you with me?



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