It’s late. I’m tired.


Funny Insomnia Quotes:

I see I’m not the only one with insomnia; but at least my actions are not drowning an entire country for selfish gain. Everything that’s happened tonight and this am explains why more and more people are looking to GTFO out of this country. I feel kind of sad about that, because good and bad; this is home to myself and so many millions of people. Now it’s a broken home.

Politics aside, my insomnia is back. Cruel, old friend. I was about 15 seconds into the new IT trailer and decided that if I saw that face I would NEVER get back to sleep, so thank you to my brain for being quick enough to say “hell, no” to that imagery. I may lose sleep, but I seem to have found that voice that has been lost for the past couple of years so I’m taking this as a reasonably good thing.

I have woken up to the stillness of the night; to this oppressive silence. No one to speak to, aside from the dogs, who are peacefully sleeping the night away. All I have is BREAKING news and there is nothing I can do about that either. I believe they call that life. Things happen to you, around you, near you and it is simply life.

RBF yeah we are pro's at that.:

So that is that. For tonight the only sleep I will get will be pretend sleep, but at least the puppies are sleeping soundly. Perhaps this weekend I will find the will to sleep, but if not, I go prepared with books filled with flights of fancy to occupy this busy mind 🙂

It feels good to be back… this feels familiar.


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