A busy mind..


I’m sure loads of people have those days where about a million different memories with a lot of different people seem to flood their mind. A lot of the time I want to tell a fair amount of those people to GTFO of my head space where they don’t belong; but it’s my fault that they are there; no theirs. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t miss a single one of them; most of the time I’m rehearsing some speech telling them with a few choice words how much I don’t like them. 

Oprah.. Slow clap for, Oprah. It’s true, life is about moving on. I envy those people who make a choice to not let something bother them anymore and then POOF.. It’s out of their minds. 

I guess that’s the point, right? No one is you and you are youer than you. I’m bringing some Dr. Seuss into the mix now. It’s your greatest power and it’s your greatest weakness. You really have to cherish moments, because in essence, that is all you are left with on days like today where there is a question mark over everything. A question mark over your past and I really massive question mark over your future.  

As you were. 


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