Adulting.. From the perspective of a semi-adult. 


At this point in my life there are a lot of things that stress me out. I try to not let things I cannot control contribute towards my stress levels, but I’m human. Life is full of these steps you take to become more independent and an adultier adult, but no one tells you how scary and overwhelming it can be at times (by that I mean ALL THE TIME). 

On top of ever increasing monthly bills you also have to take into the daily drama you can never get away from; the daily responsibilities, the challenges, etc. you have to be healthy and exercise, shop for food, cook, look after your demanding let’s who you adore, do the laundry, book your car in for its services, make sure you pay everyone who wants your money: and it’s at that point that I take my hat off to single, working mothers/fathers with no support system around them and a shitload of debt. 

You know who I envy? I envy those people who can stop by their parents house weekly or people who have their immediate family near to them. I hope you people realize how lucky you are.

Do I have time for drama? NO! Is adulting easy? NO! But it’s possible. I might not be at level expert of adulting, but I’m doing ok. I would rather be disruptive with my life than passive. So if anyone comes into your life who drags you two steps back that’s two steps too many. Being an adult is not easy and you have to really trust the choices you make on a day to day basis; the short-term as well as the long-term ones. 


That’s all. I’ll be partying up a  storm later to relieve some of the stress, because fun is important. Also, naps are fun! 


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