There are infinite sides to a story.. 



Everyone expects you to “pick a side” or “agree to disagree” or listen to a friends rampant lectures because they believe that they are the rulers of the universe 🙄 well, f*** you and the horse you road in on your self-indulgent as*****. It is never ok to just assume and most importantly, assume that everyone must behave and act in a way you feel is acceptable. 


What I really want to say is: fuck you and your version of the truth and your version of what is right and wrong. If you had an inkling of self-awareness, self-worth and self-respect you would understand that. 

I haven’t lived my life by the book. What book? Take your book and shove  it. I think the very long-winded point I am trying to make is that someone can cross a line and disrespect you and there is a way back.. You drawing a line in the sand. The point of no return. The false accusations; the idea that of they don’t follow your life rules then they won’t make it.
We don’t have time for those unilateral, one dimension thinkers. Their people whose heads are so far up their own assholes that the sun got lost in the mail. Those spinel standard, sub-standard human beings who are pathetic; sad; lost.

You get lost; the rest of the world will continue to turn without.. I know that’s a big shock to your stupidity .. 


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