Cleansing .. Out with the s*** and in with the awesome! 


I had this insane epiphany recently and I’m fairly certain it came from a place where I was sick and tired of giving to certain people and they just did not deserve the effort anymore. 

Last year was the craziest, most f***** up year of my life and the people who enabled that behavior the most are no longer in my life. Deep breath! It feels awesome. At a time when they should have been telling me no they were by my side f****** around and when I actually needed them they were critical, selfish, insincere assholes. 

 Aside from the actual crazy side of me who (yes, I’ve personified it) will always be around, I can say with certainty that while I’m trying day by day to be better I hope to surround myself with really amazing people who focus on building others up and not breaking them down. 


Soooooo… I plan on being my amazing self and I know I have amazing people in my life already. Just give me a little more time to sort the more serious things out and then I can open my heart again to friends.. 


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