The problem with serial dating…


2c506bd40fd7b7cf89e9ca17b9321965Yup, I am admitting that there is definitely a problem with serial dating. I am sure this is not a revelation for many people. I’m a pretty straight-forward and honest person; sometimes to my own detriment. I am a firm believer in people taking their time to figure things out in their own way and I am now faced with this problem… Serial dating. I actually have people say to me that they would love to go on so many dates, but my goodness; I’m over it. SO VERY OVER IT!

What is the fundamental flaw? When you finally meet someone who you have a good time with and could see yourself spending more time with you are stuck with a catch 22… what if they’re a massive dickhead and end up messing you around, BUT then what if they’re perfect? And you’ll never know because then both of your ego gets in the way and then you’re torn between giving it a shot or just continuing with dating?!?! What the actual f***?!?!

No one wants to come across as desperate, needy or clingy, but I’m so over trying to figure people and their motives out. It’s too much so if people could just tell me upfront, that would be great.

Why do we always complicate this stuff? Surely, if you like someone and they like you then you make a freaking effort to spend time together and get to know each other? And you cut all the other people out, because if you don’t you’re not giving the other person a fair chance? SURELY THESE VALID POINTS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED? Note my frustration with all of this.

I am so sick and tired of mind games and crap. People have feelings and I too am people. If you want to be possessive, insecure and stupid then do it to someone else.

That’s all.


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