Weird fetish people .. Leave me alone ! 


I’ve read up about some bizarre fetishes (if someone ever rubs their genitals up against you in a crowded place it was probably on purpose) and I have to say that whatever the fetish is .. I DONT CARE! I DONT GET IT! IM NOT INTERSTED! You can let your freak flag fly, but you’ll be flying it solo. 

I have my fair share of issues; I’ll admit that, but you won’t find me massaging your feet while you’re trying to sleep! Yes, that’s happened to me before!!! Also, I often ask myself how I ended up on a date with a guy who had an armpit fetish.. ARMPITS! If you’ve ever had a guy lean in to kiss you and grab your armpits then you’ll know what I’m talking about.. My response was: Google that shit; this is not ok! 

You do not ask a girl for pictures of her feet.. YOU FREAKS! How do I find them? No, HOW DO THEY FIND ME?!?!?! You do not rub and try to sniff a girls armpits! You just don’t.. Ever! 

Anyways.. Dating sucks! 


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