It takes two people to end a relationship.. 


No matter what you hear or what bullshit story you’re told, it always takes two people to end a relationship.  As much as it takes two people to try, it takes two people to fail as well. Those without experience in this department can keep their naive mouths shut. Yes, you judgemental f**** who live in an untouchable bubble. You can remain in your bullshit bubble. It doesn’t just happen; you can love someone as much as one person can love another and you can give and give and keep walking into that stupid, brick wall, but when it’s over you’ve both choosen to walk away from it. Neither of you are a victim. You both gave up. 

So to hell with the haters and those who choose sides; you were never in it! You don’t know! You never will. 

A relationship takes two people. All the time. Every single day. You know what hurts? Knowing you were perfect for each other, but you both messed up. You both grew in different directions and let petty, little things cloud the bigger picture. That is why hindsight is 20/20. 

There is never any comparison to the first love. But you break and heal and move on. It amazes me how you can look back on that love and realise that you neve told them often enough how much they meant to you or how much you cared about them.. 

Cèst la vie. And before anyone wonders this is with regards to a relationship that wasn’t as banal as: was the dress white and gold or blue and kak.. 

It’s about something that lasted longer than the lifespan of a sock… 


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