Selfies are not for everyone – the dating saga


Eish, well, it’s safe to say that men have not come close to perfecting the selfie. I love how in a year tinder has managed to turn into the real-life dating scene and is almost representative of a club.. Maybe even a dingy club. Sure, there are some nice and decent people around, but you have to sift through the heaps of incompatible weirdo’s to find a someone. That’s right; a someone. No, I don’t know if you can meet “the one” online. There are so many variables to consider… Don’t misunderstand me, because I’m certain that the right person does exist for everyone, but maybe some people need some help with “layout” and “representation.”

While I’ve been single the past year I have met and dated some interesting guys. I use the word interesting so that I don’t come across as the bitch, but some of them were real dickheads and I’m grateful they’re in my past – That’s what you’re going to get here, in case you were wondering. This is a females opinions and it will be based on a woman’s experiences, because I cannot experience life like a man. It’s impossible! I figured that while I go through the motions of dating I could share some stories, because why should I laugh alone?

Guys, the selfie.. You’re not meant to look like a psycho, homicidal maniac, pimp, thug or pervert! On the contrary; one should look happy and welcoming – maybe even kind and considerate. The world is already a scary place so maybe make your ‘selfies’ less awkward. If you cannot take a decent selfie then DONT USE ANY AS REPRESENTATION OF YOURSELF! I repeat.. You’re supposed to be making some small effort to put your best face on the market and creepy is not going to cut it; not in the real world and most certainly not on a platform where that’s all one has to make a judgement call. Yes, it’s judgement. When you’re out and about you don’t make eyes at people who you aren’t firstly physically attracted to. Right? You don’t think to yourself, “she looks like she has an awesome personality, I should go and talk to her.” Do you?

No one is perfect, but I refuse to believe there are that many freaks in the world! I suppose that like all single people I’m in pursuit of the love I witnessed between my mom and dad while I was growing up. 39 years together and while they piss each other off their bond is unbreakable.

Let the entertainment begin 😉 it’s not that I’m searching… Im just enjoying my life and all it has to offer and now you can enjoy it too 😀


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