How 2014 has kicked my heinie!


Yes, I just googled heinie to make sure that I had spelt it correctly and YAY, I was right!

Today we sat and had our Friday morning PDP (Personal Development Program) talk at the office. The only way I could describe how I felt was like so:
I feel as though I am so close to finishing this really long and taxing race I have been running since the beginning of this year and my body is aching, my joints are in agony and I am struggling to breathe, but I cannot give up because I am so close to the finish line… SO CLOSE!


Honestly, that is exactly how it feels. I know that there are only 3 weeks left of hard work and then I can look forward to renovating my little home and spending time with people I love. I have been so out of it this week with all the medication I have been on that it has been a struggle to produce anything other than silly jokes – which are awesome! Mostly, it just really feels like everyone has had their asses kicked by 2014 and if it wasn’t for all my gorgeous friends and my parents then I don’t know if I would have been able to make it through the last little bit of this year without crashing hard!

So we can cry and scream together 🙂 that’s what friends are for!



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