Worry about yourself



For a while there I lost the ability to speak up; but it feels good to have my voice back. I have had people suffocating me for a really long time and that’s only happened, because I’ve allowed it to. I should be asleep right now, because I’m trying this thing where I don’t work through the night and I can actually manage to get through the week without feeling like death. Sigh. Here I claim to be a force to be reckoned with, but then I sit sulking in the corner instead of standing up for myself. I am tired of defending myself for things I haven’t done and I am done being ashamed of the things I have done!

I spoke to my brother and his words were magnificent: “Fuck everyone. Worry about yourself.”

So, that’s it. I finally have the freedom to decide who I want to have in my life and who I don’t. While my decisions making skills haven’t been perfect lately I still have a heart of gold and I am done with all of the back stabbing and rumours. If you have something to say about me speak up. I’ve never claimed to be perfect and later on is a new day for me to wake up and enjoy my life. I’m done feeling down and sad. Maybe I forgive so easily and so willingly because I feel as though I have so much I need to be forgiven for. So fine, I’ll forgive myself. That feels really good 🙂






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  1. I have something to say about you….

    You are crazy! You are funny! You are downright awesome! and you are what you are, so live life your way and do things for you…

    So remember one thing of utmost importance, do not engage with an emotional idiot, all they will do is drag down to their level in order to appear better!

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