That “fairy-tale” love



I grew up living in fairy-tales and while that sounds like butterflies, sunshine and rainbows it has ruined my perception of love and shrouded my reality with unrealistic expectations. Yes… I had this ridiculous idea that one day ‘prince charming” would sweep me off my feet and things would just fall into place and happen so naturally and easily. Neither of those words apply to what actually happens when you meet someone. See, the reality is that you meet someone and for the first 24 hours (if you’re lucky) it is all exciting, but then that excitement is replaced by fear and reservations, because people are not honest about their intentions and we all hold our hearts back so that we do not get hurt.



And so the cat and mouse game ensues. It is exhausting. See, in fairy-tales there is some evil person who is trying to keep the prince and princess from happiness; the love is there and they want to be together, but the evil w(b)itch just won’t let it happen. In reality, we are the evil person, because we create all these obstacles that prevent us from ever just letting go of all the “what if’s” and just allowing ourselves to feel the rush and enjoy each moment without questioning everything.  Yes, I sound like a child with a silly fantasy. Sometimes there is a small part of me that still wants to hold on to the belief that the childish idea of love still exists and not just for my sake, but for everyone out there who has a heart filled with love.



It’s not just about finding someone who loves you, but finding someone who let’s you love them back with your whole heart. I say I have forgotten about fairy-tale love and that I think it’s nonsense, but I think it’s part of who I am… and that’s ok 🙂 It isn’t ideal, but it beats being the cynical girl who started writing this post…




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  1. We all want “Nottinh Hill” moments in our relationship.
    And why the hell not?
    They do exist. I know because I have been lucky enough to have a few.
    Don’t give up on love.

    • Yes 🙂 that’s exactly it… It’s like that Katy Perry song “Not Like the movies”
      I didn’t feel the fairytale feeling, no.
      Am I a stupid girl for even dreaming that I could?

      If it’s not like the movies,
      That’s how it should be, yeah.
      When he’s the one,
      I’ll come undone,
      And my world will stop spinning
      And that’s just the beginning, yeah.

      Snowwhite said when I was young,
      “One day my prince will come.”
      So I’ll wait for that date.
      They say it’s hard to meet your match,
      Gotta find my better half.
      So we make perfect shapes.
      If stars don’t align,
      If it doesn’t stop time,
      If you can’t see the sign,
      Wait for it.
      One hundred percent,
      Worth every penny spent.
      He’ll be the one that
      Finishes your sentences.

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