62d6d577b3b9ec1a6c9048cf85c8118dOne of my amazing friends said to me the other day; ” Your head is just above water after everything you’ve been through lately and you need to keep it there.” Then yesterday my colleagues and I were having a laugh about all the ridiculous stories I entertain them with on a Monday. Yes, my weekends have turned into one hilarious event after the next and I like to make people laugh so we laugh together at all the ridiculousness 🙂 Some people can’t seem to laugh at it though and rather they sit there and judge you. That’s ok too 🙂 I judge people all the time. I have been called unstable, a bitch, a skank, a whatever; I have been told that I have changed and then I remembered that movie “Little Black Book” where she says at the beginning of a the movie:

Question: How does a girl who falls... No, actually, she jumps...eyes open, down a rabbit hole, plummeting into chaos... come out the other end unchanged? 

She doesn’t.


Anyone jumping down a rabbit hole into chaos will come out the other end changed. You learn more about who you are and you learn more about the people around you who you call friends. I’m not relating this to me specifically; I am actually letting everyone know that it is ok to go through changes in your life and not be the person who you were before all the drama and chaos. It’s ok to not be a perfect person all of the time and the people who really know you and love you will always see the good in you. It’s not about making everyone else happy; if you’re happy that will happen on its own.


Who wants to be perfect? I would much rather live with my foot in my mouth and not have to watch my ps’ and q’s 🙂 besides, life is supposed to be fun and everyone keeps making everything too serious. I would rather be laughing about random nonsense with everyone I meet 😛


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