This whole getting older thing…



For those of you have are over 25 you will understand the 2 or 3 day hangover – depending on how hard you party, of course. You will understand that you don’t go to sleep before 10pm, because you want to, but if you don’t you are the grumpiest person the next day and there is this crazy little thing called work the next day. You will understand that bills need to be paid and sacrifices need to be made BUT I think it’s really important to not get too caught up in all of that and miss out on the fact that you’re still young!

Yes, just because we’re nearly knocking on 30’s door does not mean that responsibilities need to take over our lives. I have a new little responsibility that comes in the shape of a Thor-puppy and a house that needs, well, a lot! But hey, I still want to have my wine nights with the girls and be young and careless and free while I still can 🙂

I just though it worth reminding everyone that no matter what age you are there is always time for fun and time to see friends.



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