Fine line between wearing make-up…



My mother never taught me how to apply make-up; in fact, I think I learnt how to apply make-up when my friend bought this step-by-step book on beauty! That’s probably why I spent my youth wearing only eye-liner and mascara, because I didn’t have a clue how to apply eye shadow… Even though I was never  taught how to apply make-up I have NEVER looked like I rolled around in a make-up shop hoping for the best. Sure, every now and again I forgot to blend a line in, but when you’re as pale as I am you start running out of “nude” options light enough to blend.. They really need to make a concealer for transparent people! Before you walk out of the house take a good look in the mirror. If you look as though you stepped out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show go back inside, take a wet-wipe; wipe that stuff off and start over again! You might think that all that make-up hides your physical flaws, but it really just announces that you’re insecure and have internal flaws you’re trying to conceal.. really poorly conceal!

I will also suggest that you mosey along to this fab blog Lipgloss Is My Life! You can also follow her on Twitter @lipglossgirl You will find tips on what to do and how to do it… She also gives some of the best beauty advice, because she knows her shiz!



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