Just look!



There are people who will take it as an invitation to view all of the images on your phone when you want to show them a single image… That’s right, I said A SINGLE IMAGE! That means one i.e the one that I selected to show you. When people begin swiping left and right it has ended in some awkward desperate attempts to retrieve my phone. You try to take it back without using force, but when they don’t want to give you your phone you might use more force than you anticipated and come across a little crazy. Now I am not saying that there are reams of inappropriate images on my phone, BUT I think it is rude to just start swiping through someone’s images on their phone and then you come across a selfie and give them the “why do you have pictures of yourself on your phone? How vain are you?” look. Henceforth, I have started showing people images without handing my phone over and if you want to hold my hand while i grip my phone that’s also ok.


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