I have been saying this since I saw the first crazy person who dared to wear tights as pants… IT DOESN’T WORK! And leggings are just thicker tights so please DO NOT wear them as pants either. All you do is make your thighs look ginormous and, well, you inevitably end up showing off a camel-toe. Trust me when I say no one wants to see that. This is how NOT to wear tights/leggings:

**EXCLUSIVE**Jennifer Love Hewitt attends an hour long pole dancing class


If you want to wear leggings or tights make sure that whatever you wear over them is long enough to cover all the other stuff properly. Like so:



Otherwise, why not opt for a lovely pair of jeggings or if it is not too far fetched a pair of actual pants that can be worn as… DING DING.. PANTS! I know I have many pet peeves so I will just add this to the ever-growing list… I’m sure that there will always be people who will wear tights as pants or even leggings as pants and all I can is: You are being judged for it. I have done my part by trying to warn people.



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  1. Speaking as a male of the species, in most cases you are absolutely correct and tights/leggings should be worn under clothing designed to flatter the respective body types. Seeing the tragedy of ‘tights-as-pants’ syndrome leaves me unable to make eye contact with many of the women and left wondering if this isn’t some form of passive birth control being employed.

    That said, I am a big fan of yoga pants and the women who can pull the look off…generally, women who participate in yoga. I may be condemned for this, but, I’m willing to take the lashing.

    • LOL… In all fairness if you take the time to eat right and look after your body you have earned the right to flaunt it in yoga pants 🙂 I think your answer pretty much sums up what I think, especially the part about “passive birth control.”
      Thanks for sharing 🙂

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