Count your own blessings…



Can I just say… GUILTY! As per normal just before I am about to celebrate another year of being around I have these crazy panic attacks about how I haven’t achieved anything; how my life is on the track to no where and how I gave up on my dreams or never really fought hard enough for them. Then I start to think back about how I had all the opportunities, but instead I found all the excuses possible to not pursue them. I start comparing myself to people who I think have followed their dreams and then it’s game over! Hello pity-party…

A pity party every now and again is necessary in order to realise that what you do have is far more important than what you don’t have… I think the point is that if you become too focused on what you do not have and what you want you don’t always appreciate what you have right now. Sure, it’s important to dream and reach for the stars, but that does not mean that what you have right now isn’t good enough. 



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