Life would be boring without me…



This is what I want everyone to think about when they think about me 🙂 It might not be unique, but it works! I would like to think that I spice things up a bit and although I tend to hyperboloise EVERYTHING  – see what I did there – I hope it entertains people more than anything… Even if I am the one who looks like a bit of a jack-ass it’s in the name of fun and every now and again that’s ok. I’m learning to laugh at myself and not to take things too personally. I know that is never an easy thing to do, but it can be very satisfying to know that sometimes people are just trying to see how far they can push you… that includes my father who after he reads this will probably feel the need to poke the bear a little. It’s important to not take life too seriously and to enjoy the little things instead of getting caught up with issues that are out of your control and cause unnecessary stress.



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