The happiest people!


ImageI’m sure many of us often look at other people and see what they have and take note of what is missing from our lives and we assume that they’re happy, because they have more or because they have something we want. I am definitely guilty of this and I believe the word I am looking for is envious. I often remind myself of all my blessings, because, although I want more I know that it is also important to be content with life as it is now, otherwise you tend to become bitter when you start comparing yourself to people around you. 

It is very easy to compare yourself to everyone else, but that is definitely not healthy. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have focus on what you do have 🙂 Also, the list is a lot longer than you think it is and the more you remind yourself about all those little things the sooner you will realise how rich your life really is. I am not saying that you shouldn’t want more or work to achieve goals; I am saying that you need to be happy every step of the way. 



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