To be different…


034d7a243fce8f63e8a54a99455f562aSome people try really hard to be different and well, we call them “try hards”. Instead of appreciating who they are and all their flaws and strengths they feel the need to go out of their way to prove something to someone.. perhaps themselves?  In a way I kind of feel sorry for people who cannot just be happy in their own skin. Then you find that some people are just happy to be their awesome-selves and as a result they develop the quirks and little personality traits that we love about them. Remember at school where most people tried their best to fit in to some group? Well, when you get older you start to appreciate those differences in people that you were too pig-headed to notice before. You also start to appreciate the things about yourself that make you different from everyone else as well 🙂

Cheers to not trying to fit in or stand out, but just being happy to be you!




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