When we look our worst we bump in to EVERYONE!



I know Murphy has a bad reputation, but it is for a very good reason! You know those days when you get dressed and you feel so fantastic that it radiates from every inch of you? You feel as though you can take over the world and that you are suddenly this super human and it is all because you feel good about yourself. Your positivity is just oozing from every pore and you strut about all day with a smile on your face. Now let’s look at the flip side; you wake up late, end up with toothpaste on your face, your hair won’t do what it is supposed to and you cannot seem to find an outfit that works for you. Some of those things might seem more applicable to the ladies, but in all honesty it is really exhausting when one day you look fabulous in the outfit and the next day the same outfit just hangs off of you.

The point is that whenever you have those frumpy, bad hair, drained looking days is when you will bump in to EVERYONE you do not want to see! From your worst enemy to the hottest guy you have ever set your eyes on; it seems that when you look your worst they all received the memo and decided to seek you out. Now the question is how do you prevent all this? The answer might seem straight forward, but when you are feeling sorry for yourself you are not exactly thinking logically people become stuck in the negative cycle and they start to believe that they look awful. The good new though is that it is all in your head. You do not change drastically overnight. If you wake up feeling disgusting and you don’t do anything to change your thinking then it is possible that you are going to spend the day or a few days feeling disgusting. Some people have bad weeks!

The best way to look and feel great every single day is to make healthy choices every single day. Then you will never have to worry about what you are wearing when you bump in to an ex or an enemy, because you will feel good about yourself no matter what. You could be leaving the gym covered in perspiration and you would still feel amazing 🙂 Don’t put your faith in make-up, hair straighteners/curlers or expensive clothes, because those are a temporary fix.



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