Break the habit!


ImageI know I am guilty of this and I know there are people who do this day in and day out. It is a lot easier to complain about everything that’s gone wrong than to focus on the positives and try to find a way to be happy in-spite of everything else. Focusing on your problems won’t resolve them or make them go away. People always tell you to play to your strengths so I believe the same applies when it comes to your problems; you have to just remind yourself to focus on whatever it is that gives you joy. Hopefully this will inspire everyone to think about the good things in life.




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  1. True, but I feel too much like i’m bragging when I talk about how good my life is. And they say talking is the best therapy…. that and wine while talking.

    In concept I agree though, I have this friend who always complains about EVERYTHING! It drives us crazy.

    • See, bragging is very different to focusing your conversation on things you’ve enjoyed or things that make you happy. No one likes people who are boastful. Besides, you shouldn’t feel bad if good things happen to you… you should celebrate when good things happen and your friends should be joining in on that 🙂 wine and all!

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