Do whatever you want.. It’s a trap!


I am sure that every couple has encountered these famous words: Do whatever you want. In fact, I think even mothers make use of this phrase when they are fed up with arguing with their children. What no one will tell you though is that “do whatever you want” is a euphemism for “if you do whatever you want there will be hell to pay.” The other tricky thing is that sometimes it really does mean that you should do whatever you feel like doing or whatever you feel is right. If you think about it the confusing part is figuring out when there will be consequences and when it is really ok to go ahead and do whatever it is you feel like doing.

Obviously, if it is said mid-argument it means that there will be consequences, but if your partner is not in the mood to argue with you about the same argument you seem to be having over and over then they are probably over it and really don’t care what you decide to do. There is no way of telling when this line will be used and what the consequences will be if there are any. I think we use it when we feel as though we are losing control of the situation and it is our final warning to the opposition. We like to keep our partners on their toes and this really does keep you guessing…



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