Honesty or tact?


Some people throw their arms up in the name of honesty to defend their offensive comments and although being honest is a good quality to have there is another little something the honest people should learn.. it’s a little something called tact. It is much easier to be a massive bitch and just open your gob and say whatever comes in to your head. You’ll probably shrug your shoulders, because you cannot understand why people do not appreciate your honesty. I can tell you now that it’s not that people don’t appreciate honesty it’s that they do not appreciate the way you present the information.

There are many times where I want to be brutally honest, but I have learnt to stop and think about how and what I say will affect the other person. I think it is great to be honest to people and I can appreciate honesty if the person who is being honest with me has the decency to consider my feelings in the process. I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings when I am being honest with them and it’s taken time to learn that it’s not what you say but how you say it. I would hate the result of my words to cause any of my friends to be upset and that is why I firmly believe that there is always a way to approach honesty where it does not seem as though you are being inconsiderate.

I suppose we all learn as we go along and I have apologised for many “honest” outbursts that may have offended people when I never intended it that way. I still have those random little outbursts but for the most part I like to coat my honesty with a layer of love so that my friends know whatever I say is coming from a good place… and I expect no different from them. If they need to talk to me about something then I want them to know that they can, but if they don’t want to consider my feelings then they should expect the same in return.



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