first time… buying property?


If you are looking to buy property for the first time I feel that I should warn you about estate agents. Now, it is not that I have anything against them, but they tend to be over-dramatic and if you are the seller they will tell you that you won’t get much for your property and if you are a buyer they will tell you that what you are looking is selling so quickly they can’t keep up. Just remember to take every syllable with a bag of salt. We are looking around to buy a place and we don’t want to be one of those couples that buys a place and then we cannot afford the bond repayments, let alone food for the month.

So we go to this show house on Sunday to see what’s happening and see if we can have a word with the estate agent. Now the property was a good R800,000 over budget, but we just wanted to look around. We gave the estate agent our budget and the first words out of her mouth were “You’ll never find a property in this area for that budget.” I wish I could have pulled out all the different places I had found online for our budget and less. In any case, we smiled, nodded and from that moment I knew we were going to be playing this game with every estate agent we will come across. We all know that the market is in a slump and we all know that many people are struggling with bond repayments so their property prices are getting lower and lower in their desperate attempt to sell.

What I am saying is, don’t be in a rush and don’t be bullied in to paying a price you cannot afford for property. We are going to take our sweet time to find the right place for the right price for us. It is an estate agents job to sell a place to you so just keep that in mind. It’s not that they’re trying to rip you off they just also want to make a living. Research the areas you’re looking at and take everything into consideration. I always say when you look to buy something… Will you be able to sell it again one day? If you have anything else to add, please do.  If you would like some advice with regards to property go to iShow House



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