Enough of this “”I’m Sorry” nonsense!


I forget when and where it all began, but this incessant habit of apologising for no reason at all needs to come to an end. I apologise for driving and only answering someone when I reach my destination. I do not return someone’s call or skype message immediately and apologise for it. I apologise for walking around someone who is clearly in the way… I know I am not the only one who constantly says “I’m sorry” and it is such a bad habit. I don’t even know if it’s polite or annoying to constantly apologise for things?

The thing is you start to become apologetic all of the time and people mistake it for a weakness. I don’t blame people for seeing it as a weakness either. Yes, you should still apologise when you run late or do something that merits an apology, but to hell with “I’m sorry I cannot make dinner this week, because I made other plans already” or “I’m sorry you took offence to something I said and you assumed it was directed at you because you are hyper sensitive.” To all of us who constantly apologise for silly things we all need to toughen up and not be so concerned about what others will think of us.

Now go forth and have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend 🙂




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