Why life in South Africa is sucking…


No one says it like ZapiroDon’t get me wrong; we live in a beautiful country with so much potential to be great yet it seems we find every which way possible to destroy any opportunity the country might have. I am sick and tired of reading about how white people still dominate in certain sectors and how the previously disadvantaged South Africans are battling, because we have heard every excuse over the past 18 years and the time for excuses is now over… or at least it should be. When I read some of the reports about South Africa on foreign publications I want to smack them over the head, because they keep harping on the whole apartheid issue. Sing a new tune people, because if you never drop that bone how can you expect an entire nation to build a bridge and move past it? I always say if you want to see change start with yourself, but the way things are going we are going we need to be a lot more active about that change. And by we, I mean the government.

This nonsense about setting things on fire and pelting stones at vehicles to make a point needs to stop. Those people need to be arrested and thrown behind bars. Let me use a well known example: You remember those insane “youths” who went around looting stores, beating up people and ransacking the streets of London? Well, the police just stood by and watched, because they were not permitted to defend themselves or man-handle people who are causing trouble, because if they did they would be disciplined and lose their job. Yet, we have to read about articles where they want to put us to shame at how our police deal with uprisings and lecture us on human rights…

Petrol has passed the point of unaffordable; food prices are ridiculous… The Rand is slowly becoming a useless currency and the people who have the power to do anything about it are fighting among themselves. Read this article DA slams policing of truck drivers strike and decide for yourself about what our global image is saying. When the police act they are in trouble and when they don’t they are in trouble.

That’s my 2 cents.



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