We all use social media!


The way I share my blog posts is via social media. I tweet, update my status and stay in touch with friends via Facebook, look for interesting ideas on Pinterest, connect with the business world on Liked In and if I had any more time I would probably find myself using even more social platforms. The thing is many if not most of us make use of social platforms on a daily basis and all the stats and data we have are not necessarily specific to how South Africans make use of social media. This initiative by TMS30x30 is a great way to obtain more data that is specific to how we are using social platforms.

I know we are all bombarded with blog posts and breaking news all day, every day, but this is a great initiative and I think it is important that all of us making use of social media take a few minutes out of our live and complete this survey:


I, for one, would love to know how South Africans are making use of social platforms! You can also stand the chance to win prizes so it is a win-win situation. I have completed it and shared it with everyone I know 🙂 feel free to do the same!


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