Men and d*** measuring…


Let me first clarify… I have nothing against well-mannered, decent men! There is nothing more attractive than a man who treats a lady like a princess and with the utmost respect. They are polite, courteous and do not treat women like a piece of ass. Does that make them less of a man…? No, it actually makes them more man than the pigs who resort to derogatory and snide remarks in the hope that they prove that they are a man’s man. I would love to know what it is that perpetuates that kind of behaviour, because there is absolutely nothing attractive about it. Unfortunately, women are subjected to those lesser men more often than we would like to be so we have to find some means of putting those narcissistic jerks in their place.

Perhaps I have such a strong opinion on the subject, because I was raised with men who treat women with the respect we deserve. My father is very stern on good manners. We were not even allowed to say “shut-up” when we were little. If we disobeyed we got the evil eye. Then I look at my brother and he has absolute respect for the women in his life. He may tease me none stop, but he would never ever say anything degrading to me. In fact, the one time a lesser man tried to get away with saying something horrible to me my brother made him get down on his knees in front of all of my friends and apologise. I thought that was a just punishment.

I choose to have men in my life who have respect for women. I can take the jokes that poke fun at how women nag, obsess about things and over-think things, but there is a joke and then there is plain nasty and uncalled for. What is the worst that can happen when you are a polite and decent man… The loss of man points when you’re with your guy friends? If you want to have a dick measuring competition do it when there are no women around! It’s very sad to watch that play out. As a woman, if you dare comment on the remarks you and then told that you “cannot take a joke.”



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    • It’s ok for men to behave like that when they’re in male company… but there are some thing women don’t want to know. Just like guys don’t want us telling them about that time of the month.

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