Unannounced house guests!


Unannounced vistorsThere are some days where all you really want to do is be left alone and then there are some people who think that arriving unexpectedly at your front door is a nice surprise. That awkward moment, right? It makes me grateful to live in a complex where unless I let the people in they cannot get in to the building 🙂 When you organise a little get-together and a friend who you were not expecting arrives that is a really lovely surprise, but when you are just chilling at home walking around in your pj’s it is not exactly what you had lined up for the day. I know that there are some people out there who love it when they have unexpected guests arrive at their place, but I would love to know how many of you really do not mind and how many of you pretend to be all excited to see someone when you really wish you could tell them to get gone?

I should probably ask if you have ever kept very quiet after hearing a knock at your door and waited for whoever was knocking to go away? If you answer ‘yes’ to that then you are probably a lot like me; you don’t mind seeing people, but you want to know when and where at least a few hours in advance. Sure, back in the day when people only had landlines it was probably easier to stop by and say hello on your way past, but these days with mobile phones things have changed. Now you can pick up your mobile and get in touch with whoever you feel like visiting and make sure that they are there and keen to have you stop by for a bit.

I very rarely feel tempted to invade my friends’ space and just arrive at their home without giving them a heads up, especially when it’s a couple, because sometimes couples need their private time as well. Back during school days and even at university it never seemed like a big deal to arrive unannounced, but the older you get the more sparse free time seems to become so when you have a chance to have you time of course you are going to want to soak up every second. Call me out if you think I am just a boring old poo 🙂




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  1. If you come and knock on my door while i’m in partially clothed, unwashed and eating peanut butter out of a jar while watching old Friends reruns, beware the wrath of a thousand dying suns… It will not be pretty… you have been warned!

    =D I have ignored knocks on my door while not in the mood to receive guests. Please call first, it’s only polite.

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