Words to live by!


words to live byI thought these words would be worth sharing 🙂 I found this image while I was browsing around Pinterest and I thought they were simple, yet great words to live by! I never put enough value on how important it is to think positively and once you start thinking positively and stop focusing on all the negativity you really do start to see the silver linings more often.

Exercising daily and eating healthy are also very important, because you need to have a happy and healthy mind, body and soul. Also, once you start doing that your energy levels go up and you’ll automatically be motivated to work harder, because you feel less lethargic.

Staying strong and worrying less kind of go hand in hand. Life is going to hand you some crappy cards every now and again and you should grieve, mourn and allow yourself the down time you may need to recover, but you also need to force yourself to keep on going and to stop worrying about things you have no control over.

Dancing is just one of those things where you let go and just go with it! No matter what music you like to dance to; sometimes you just need to wiggle your bum and get grooving.

Love is not always easy, but it is important! You also cannot love everyone so those people you do love you should love with your whole heart. And in the words of Bobby McFerrin: Don’t Worry, Be happy



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