“being exposed to too much complaining can actually make you dumb”


stop complaining

Now this is something that scares me, because I have this awful tendency to moan about a lot of nonsense. After reading this article I think I need a full on make-over, because I do not want to make myself nor anyone else “dumb.” I read through those 3 steps and at really helps those who want to avoid being sucked in to a black hole of despair, but what about those of us who tend to complain instead of looking for solutions? Sometimes we do not even realise how much of a pain we are being to the more positive people around us who actively solve their problems instead of getting down about them and I think that pretty much sums up everything:

Don’t complain if you are not looking for a solution.

There was an article I commented on earlier this year with regards to speaking more strategically and not allowing yourself babble on and spew out words you are not even thinking about. It takes time, hard work from your side and constant analysis of what you say and how you say it. The main point s that you should speak when you have value to add and not just for the sake of being heard. It worked when I tried it and I may have gotten lazy and reverted back to my whiny, annoying self.

So why do we complain? We complain, because we want people to empathise with us; we are looking for a short-term solution that does not last and probably because complaining is a lot easier than actively doing anything about your problems. I do not need to be told how unflattering it is to complain and how frustrating it can become and I am aware that it is a nasty little habit that needs to be kicked. I mean we all have issues that we have to deal with and sometimes you need to talk about them, but complaining for the sake of complaining is counter-active. At the same time I would rather have people talk about something that bothers them than bottle it all up inside, because at least then you can try to solve whatever the problem might be.

I am not saying I will never complain again, but I really hope that I, and whoever else feels they want to complain a lot less, can learn to be more appreciative and more positive, because if I think about my problem solving skills are poor and perhaps I am dumbing myself just by complaining all the time.


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