Where does the violence come from…


The news this morning is going to be plastered with the strike that turned sour at the mine in Marikana. People will speculate about why violence ensued and why police fought violence with violence. I would like to believe that we are a civilised country where people can sit down and discuss issues instead of brutally beating one another, but I would rather be realistic. Ask yourself; how do strikers usually get what they want? They threaten violence and if that does not work they go out and prey on innocent bystanders. I think it is a stretch to say that we are a country where people can sit down like mature and civilised human beings and discuss matters, because when anyone wants something they threaten.

This is not a sudden occurrence either; I remember a few years back when security guards were on strike and those who were caught at work or in uniform – just trying to earn a living – were beaten just so that they could make examples of them. Security guards were not permitted to wear their uniform because if they were seen and hey would have been attacked. The same goes for when the school teachers were on strike or when the taxi’s went on strike, because of new public transportation being implemented. What about the recent issue where a certain party wanted to “shut-down Cape Town” and their words were “It is those people who burn traffic lights that we want on our side on the day.” You might want to read the entire article here if you haven’t already.

The question you need to ask yourself is are we really shocked every time we hear another one of these stories? The next question is; is it changing??? Perhaps I am just a pessimist.


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