Successful women Part 2


Successful women

I remember Russell Peters comedy show earlier this year… he was talking about successful women and how if a woman is a career driven you will be doing yourself a disfavour by asking her what she does. I laughed so hard, because it was so true. Successful women often feel the need to assert themselves in the presence of men (and even other women) so they over compensate for something that shouldn’t really be an issue. Think about it; have you ever rattled on about your responsibilities when someone has dared to ask you what it is you do?

I have this really amazing aunt and she is successful, kind and just plain lovely and I look up to her a lot; the point here is that unless she’s networking or she cares enough to tell you, if people ask what she does her answer is “I’m a house wife.” I think that is a great answer if you want people to stay out of your business . Before all the house wives think that this is some personal attack on “home making” I am here to tell you that the only reason you feel like that is because you believe it is not a good enough title. You can “make home” until the cows come home, but as soon as you start having to explain your “situation” there is something wrong with your view on yourself.

The rift between the career women and the house-wife… You decide; Would you rather listen to someone talk to you about an interesting day of interaction and the outcome of a potential good or bad meeting or share stories about the crappy nappies and spit up you spent all day cleaning up? Would you rather chat about office politics and ridiculous emails you read or about how you ran around all day fetching and carrying the children? Perspective! If you want to talk about your job you need to talk to like-minded people who care and if you want to talk about your babies all day long then the same rule applies. We are all really fighting for the same thing and all that would be is that we want what we spend our days doing to matter. Being a great mom is a success, but you shouldn’t have to hear it from someone who is more interested in a career to make you believe it yourself. I may not respect the life choice, but I can appreciate a good mother.

Ps. I am not successful yet, but I will be one day!!!



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