Are men still intimidated by strong, successful women?


Strong, successful women

Women are finally shining and now we have to be careful to not damage the ego’s of the men who we outshine…

Give me a break! Men have their time to dominate and instead of being intimated by strong, successful and independent women why don’t you rather get over it…! I have spoken to a few men and they actually prefer women who do not expect them to support them and fork out for them for everything they want something and I know it’s not for everyone, but surely people can just evolve with the times? If you do not like successful women who earn more money than you then do not date someone like that. Stick to the women who want  be looked after and who want to be home makers.

Women worry themselves with silly thoughts like “what do men look for in women” and I think the most honest answer for that is you never really know. It would be great to hear from men what their thoughts are on the subject, because us women can speculate as much as we like; we will never know what the other sex thinks! We are not talking about feminism here, because you can be a great woman and still shave and look after yourself. What I am talking about is women who are top executives and who bust balls… well, daily.

Guys… help us out here! What is it that intimidates you?



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  1. Actually, I’ve lived through this. I’ve been with a man who found my personality and lifestyle hugely intimidating. Even though he himself was very intelligent. I’m lucky enough to have found a man who finds this attractive, so in conclusion it differs from man to man.

    However, this opens up an entirely new discussion! What are happening to the modern man? Mama’s boys? Chauvinists? All muscle, no brains? I have found it very hard to find a successful man’s man who know how to hold their own and take care of their other half.

    A good friend of mine suggested that since the young men no longer participate in a mandatory army year, they have become soft and undisciplined. While modern young women take advantage of openings in fields previously dominated by men, making them more authoritative and aggressive.

    • There is so much we could discuss about this and I suppose in general life has become a lot less tougher than it used to be. Conscription obviously had a huge impact on a young mans life. I do not actually like the idea of conscription, but that’s besides the point 🙂 thanks for your comment!

  2. There’s a difference between what is attractive and what makes for a successful relationship. Generally in a successful relationship you need opposites. If you have a powerful man and a powerful women in the same relationship that doesn’t work…not because one is wrong or right, the polarity just isn’t there.

  3. With a successful women a man has to be made of much sterner stuff because she is a lot harder to impress and a whole lot easier to lose… some men just are not man enough… and that may be the crux of the matter!

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