A discussion is a two way street.


I love it when people say that they just want to say one thing and then the discussion is closed. Unfortunately, a discussion is a two way street, which means that whoever is involved is also allowed to make their point and if you don’t allow them that opportunity then your argument is invalid and you telling someone how it is and you are not discussing anything. I have had my fair share of ridiculous fights and I am starting to see a pattern with them and that is that if you want to have a discussion then be prepared for the other party participating in this so called “discussion” to also have something to say. otherwise, just admit that you don’t actually care what anyone else has to say about the subject, because you are unwilling to see anyone else’s point.


  1. The action or process of talking about something, typically in order to reach a decision or to exchange ideas.
  2. A conversation or debate about a certain topic.

The religious “debate” is the easiest example I can use, because most of us have probably been sucked in to one of these never end sessions that basically consists of one person repeating themselves and not actually listening to anything anyone else has to say. Another topic that people have difficulty discussing is politics and for some reason people tend to walk away red in the face after discussing these topics with others. People who are unwilling to reason and openly discuss certain things will always resort to snide remarks and unnecessary jabs when you are trying to have a discussion about something they may feel very strongly about. In fact their best method of “winning” the discussion is to put you and your opinions down. As soon as you see someone heading in to the defensive zone and starting to mock you for the way that you feel about something then you should just bow out gracefully.

Debating is something that everyone should take part in, because you need to learn how to win and lose discussions and you need to be able to admit when someone has a better argument than you have. It is not always about winning an argument, but about seeing both sides.. unless the other side is that of a crazed lunatic!



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