Who you are to your friends and loved ones…


being comfortable in your own skin

I think we all have those light-bulb “aahhh” moments in life and that’s exactly what they are; moments. I have always been a really independent person and I really love time to myself and not having to always make plans with other people just to get out and do things. Yesterday, I was looking at everyone outside with their loved ones and pets soaking up the sunshine and then I decided that I was going to go to the beach; I also wanted to sit down and enjoy the sunshine. I am perfectly aware that other people have their own lives and that is why I don’t expect them to squeeze me in when I am feeling a little lonely. I can admit that forcing yourself to get out and do things on your own is not always easy if you are not 100% comfortable in your own skin. No one can teach you to be comfortable in your own skin either.

The mini revelation I had was: Your life shouldn’t necessarily revolve around you, but you do need to make sure that the things you do make you happy and that the people who you choose to have in your life also make you happy. Thinking about things that way made me think of who I am to my friends and loved ones as well. It would be incredibly selfish to expect everyone else to give me their best, but what about who I am to them? It is all good and well to want to surround yourself with good people and you should be a good person to those who want you in their life. That is why I see no point in spending time with people who bring out bad qualities in you and as much as you have to tolerate others, they also have to tolerate you.

We always think about “what I want” but we should not forget about who we want to be to others and how we treat others, because maybe if we thought about things like that we would be a lot less selfish. I have always been an avid supporter of accepting people for who they are, but bad qualities and bad qualities. If you do not want to make yourself a better person for the people around you then do you really deserve to be in their lives and visa versa? This is something that I think we can all relate to and I am not saying that we need to go out and please everyone, but being a good person takes work and sometimes it takes admitting your bad qualities and making an effort to be better. I’m either on to something or I’m not…



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  1. This is something I am almost obsessive about and to my detriment a lot of the time. Jack is often confused as to why I treat people who treat me badly so well.

    • This is a whole new thing for me, because I have never really thought about it this way. I just think that some introspection is necessary and that you have to consider who you want to be to others so that you don’t end up becoming a selfish person who only thinks about how well everyone else treats you.

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