Mid-year stress balls…



I have seen it happening to myself and to other people around me so I think it is safe to say that the mid-year stress levels are at a serious high. I don’t really blame people for the stress that they are feeling, because as I sit here watching the weeks zoom by it feels as though I am getting nothing done slowly, but there is still so much happening I cannot seem to keep up with the pace of life right now. I know of some people who pour all their hours in to work, work, work and as much as I love work there are also other things I love to do. Judge me if you like, but I just so happen to enjoy having a well-balanced life and that includes getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. While I do not have a screaming child I think it is a luxury I am entitled to enjoy as well as a well-balanced diet (with cheat days of course) and exercise is most certainly a feature. Not only are stress levels at an all time high, but motivation seems to take a serious knock around this time of the year as well.

The only reason I realised I am so stressed out is, because I had a constant headache for about 3 weeks. I went for a massage about 5 days ago and I was so grateful to not have a migraine over the weekend. It was the first weekend in 4 weeks that I did not have to suck down headache pills. When she suggested a follow-up massage to get rid of the rest of the stress it did not take much convincing. Some people stress in ways that everyone can see while others, such as myself, tend to feel the stress in the body. It is not only work that causes stress, but social lives can also take a serious toll on our bodies. That’s why when my friends say that they don’t want to do something I totally understand, because we all need down time and we need to enjoy our down time however we want to.

Also, we have not had a public holiday or long weekend in a while! I am sure there are many people who are grateful for an extra day of rest in two weeks time and I am sure that some people have taken the Friday off as well just to regain their sanity. I also think that workaholics are oblivious to the obvious and that is that we are not all workaholics. We also have the cold to contend with and with the cold comes the colds and flu and it seems to take forever to get over those as well, because instead of resting we continue to push ourselves. There are so many stressful activities to contend with on a daily basis that we need to give ourselves a break.




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