Do you know what you want from your future?


Your future

I was firm on the fact that I didn’t want to get married if I didn’t have to and that I never EVER in a million years wanted to have children… Allow me to eat my words. It’s just funny how you can go from one phase of life to the next and something you never wanted suddenly becomes appealing. I want to kick myself for admitting any of this, but how was 18-year-old me supposed to know what 26-year-old me would want? When people talk about their 5 and 10 year plans my eyes tend to get so wide my eyeballs could fall out. The question I ask myself is how realistic is it to plan for the next 5 years for certain things when you do not even know what will happen in the next 5 minutes?

I don’t really think that there is a traditional way to go about it any more and I do not think it really matters if the child comes before the marriage or after (I am not pregnant), but the one thing I am sure of is that I never thought about that until recently. I am not going to shout it from the roof tops and it does not mean that all my others dreams suddenly become null and void. I think the main reason I disliked the idea of marriage and having a quaint little home was because of how conventional it all was and how the inevitable truth is that you lose your identity and have to give up who you are…

That has some truth to it…! Some women want to give up their semblance of a life, because what they have created is supposed to be temporary until someone comes along and sweeps them off their feet. Also, I don’t think you give up who you are so much as open yourself up to change as well as sacrificing some of your guilty little pleasures. You cannot be selfish any more and life becomes about more than just you and what you want. I see some people getting it so right though… Maybe those women should give seminars! In short; you cannot plan every aspect of your future, because life happens.



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  1. Funny how I have very similar views in life. The difference is, the principles you at the age of 18, I have them at the age of 26.

    But, my reasons for not getting married are very different.

    Most women I met should have a look at this post. It might make them change their views of the future.

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