Life is too short…


Life is too short

Loads of people use this expression when they are trying to emphasize that life is too short to hold grudges and be resentful towards people who have done you wrong, but let us look at this on the flip side: Life is far too short to surround yourself with people who treat you like crap, have no respect for you and who persistently do things that tick you off! I know that there are people who LOVE to take the high road and who think that you can get along with everyone in life just by ignoring their snarky comments, but all I can say is that your happiness is far more important. Wouldn’t you rather be surrounded by people who make you laugh and who make you feel welcome all the time and not only when it suits them? Wouldn’t you rather cut out all the crap from your life – without holding any grudges against the them of course – and just be happy all of the time?

Choosing to surround yourself with good people is a valid lifestyle choice and I support that. The only time you ever have to suck it up is when the person works with you. When that becomes too much to handle then try to remember the silver lining which is that you do not have to socialize with that person. I have had many lectures about cutting people out of my life, but the thing is I would do anything for the people who are in my life and who I care about. I do not want to waste any time or energy on the annoyances that cause more unhappiness than they are worth.

So if you decide to surround yourself with good people who make you happy all the time then all I can say is good for you! If you feel obliged to include those people who drag you down in life then that is your choice and I can tell you now that you are not taking the high road, you are just making life a less enjoyable for yourself only to accommodate people who do not consider you at all. Just remember to cherish those good people in your life, because they are not always easy to come by.




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