To all those creepy, sick, deranged and disturbed people…


I immediately regret my decision

The internet is a magical place filled with endless information and it is a brilliant place to interact, network and advertise your business; but it is also a place for all the sick and twisted dregs of society on there as well. I had to share this, because what I saw was so disgustingly disturbing that I nearly hurled. My whole princess world has come crashing down around me and I realised that we share this world with some seriously revolting people. The thing that gets to me the most is that there are communities of people who go and post vile images; just as there will be communities of people who post images of their adorable little puppies you’ll also find some vile images of sick, sick things people do and they take photos of that and share that on the internet.

Forgive me if I sound incredibly naive, but I preferred thinking that people like that only existed in horror movies. I wish I could take back what I saw, because my curiosity really screwed me over. I hope I can one day revert back to my princess world where there are just puppies and happy endings, because some of those other things that people share and look at are beyond morbid and beyond nauseating. If I wanted to see dead people I would work in a morgue. Luckily, I don’t have to EVER go back to that awful place and that’ll teach me to be so darn curious!!! I do not even want to name the site because I am afraid some people will also become curious and the last thing I want to do is taint someone else’s world.



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  1. I started writing a reply, but i just can’t say what’s on my mind. You are absolutely right about this world, it is sick, broken and perverse.
    I wish i could take back everything i have seen, heard and know, for once you know… you can’t sit idly by and do nothing.

    • That’s exactly it and I want to say freedom of expression bla bla bla but that stuff is crossing a very disturbing line and it begs the question when do we stop allowing people to express their disgusting fetishes? Is it just me who thinks that a line should be drawn? Because even though I don’t ever have to go back there to see it again it still bothers me that there are people like that out there. I now know what evil is.

  2. I’m far to curious now. But I very much doubt anything that you have seen is worse then what I have been exposed to on the road as a volunteer medic or in a security roll. Not to defend whatever it is you are referring to but for some it’s a release and a way of dealing with things – like a mass debrief of sorts and sadly for others it’s a fetish. I don’t believe the world is any more perverse than it was before. It’s just easier for everyone to know now.

    • I want to tell you what I saw but maybe you should see it for yourself and then you can judge. Personally, I’ll never go back there because it just bothered me so much on an emotional level.

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