15 Year old who dresses like a doll…


Venua Angelic

I am going to be brutally honest here; I have seen some bizarre and twisted things on the internet, but as far as Venus Angelic is concerned I think the fact that she expresses herself through her make-up and clothing is rather refreshing. So she looks like a doll? At least she is not having cosmetic surgery done in order to resemble Barbie, but instead she is highlighting her features through the application of something that many women could learn how to use a bit more strategically. Make-up is a tool us ladies have in order to enrich our appearance and some people are just a little bit more creative with the application of their make-up than others. Some people frown upon the excessive use of it while others apply so many layers they might as well have put on a mask.

So Venus and her mother are obsessed with the Japanese culture and the ball-jointed doll… If I remember correctly Gwen Stephani is also pretty obsessed with the Japanese culture and the Harajuku girls. Just because someone is not afraid to express themselves through something they love does not mean that there is anything wrong with them. If she had to start having surgery to look like a ball-jointed doll well, then alarm bells would begin to sound, but for now she just seems to be setting a new trend. Surely, parents would rather have their little girls dressing up in frilly outfits than walking around in revealing clothing looking like mini-vixens?

Do you remember being 15 and struggling to figure out who you are while the hormones raged and confused you even more? She appears to be very comfortable with herself and happy to share who she is with the world. This is all my opinion, of course, so if you have a different opinion then feel free to share it!



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